This blog is intended to be a way to share the family history I have gathered about my grandfather William Smith.  First of all I want to share what I have found with my Smith cousins and my brothers and sisters.  Use the menu bar above to read the family stories, family trees and document transcriptions I have added so far.   Use this link to see the posts I have made: http://williamsmithfamilyhistory.com

I welcome all comments on any of the posts and pages.  You can also contact me by e-mail (see the “Contact” page).

I would also like to get comments, information and ideas from more distant cousins and others who have a connection to the Smiths mentioned in this blog.

I hope that you will find some interest in my version of the story about my grandfather William Smith and his family history.  I also hope that – maybe later on – some members of the next generation will also find this interesting.

I plan to continue adding pages and posts to the site as long as I have more information to share.  Of course the search for more information never really ends!


4 Responses to Home

  1. Diane Rewi says:

    Hi Jean,
    Just looking at your site regarding the Kent family that is connected to the Going’s. Our family are descendants of the Going and Pennefathers. In the documentation that I have to date Thomas senior had a son Thomas who also married a Going [Mary Going the daughter of Philip Going and Loveday Godfrey. Mary and Thomas were married in 1786. Her parents were married in Cashel and Emly Diocese. I do know that Mary also had a sister named Loveday who married a William Middleton. Philip Going was referred to as Philip of Knockane. Although I have a lot of information on the Goings the Kent connection can be illusive. The Goings of Monaquill are the same Going family being descendants of Robert Going but have not been able to confirm which Miss Going married Thomas senior.

    However Thomas that married Mary Going had a child called Philip Going Kent.


    • Jean says:

      Hi Diane: Thanks very much for contacting me about the Goings. Last year I intended to write something on my blog about the “Miss Going of Monaquill” who married Thomas Kent but I still don’t have a clear picture about how the two families are connected. In light of your comments and other information I have found on-line, I am now thinking it could be that the family tree I received about the Kents is incorrect and it was actually Thomas Kent junior – not Thomas Kent senior – who married a Miss Going. Thomas Kent junior would have been the uncle of my great-great-grandmother Priscilla Kent. The date of Thomas Kent junior’s marriage (1786) and the date of Priscilla Kent’s birth (1801) don’t work well if Thomas is supposed to be Priscilla’s grandfather. And it seems unlikely to two Thomas Kents (father and son) each married a Miss Going. I will keep on searching!

  2. Diane Rewi says:

    Just to muddy the waters more I forgot to say that a sibling of Philip Going who married Loveday also married a Kent……… Jane Going married Aquilla Kent on 15 December 1750. He was from Greenhills and apparently they had issue. Hence Jane and Aquilla were aunt and unclle to Mary Going who marries Thomas.


    • Jean says:

      Yes, I did see information on the marriage of Jane Going and Aquila Kent in 1750 and that is another indication to me that the Goings and Kents were connected and known to each other. It could be that Aquila Kent was Thomas Kent’s uncle while Jane Going was Mary Going’s aunt. One of Priscilla Kent’s brothers was also called Aquila.

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