Family Photographs

As much as possible I hope to illustrate the posts on this blog with photographs from family sources.  Of course I had some old photographs in my own home but I have been very fortunate recently in gaining access to a great many more photographs from my cousins and siblings.  Most were sent to me electronically so they are already perfect for a blog.

Two cousins shared with me their family photograph albums.  One of these cousins also shared a number of picture postcards that had belonged to our grandmother; they are a delight and some of them will show up in this blog later on.

A third cousin was kind enough to send me original photographs from the 1860s and onward that had been in the possession of a distant cousin living in London.  These originals are a wonderful resource (as well as being precious artefacts) and I will be using as many of them as I can in the blog.

A sample of the photographs I will be using is shown here:

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