The Children of Lancelot Smith of Gamblesby

In the “Family Stories” section of this blog, I have now added a page that summarizes the lives of the children of Lancelot Smith of Gamblesby and his wife Elizabeth Westgarth.  Unfortunately I don’t know a lot about most of them but have put together as much as I know at present.  I have also had to make assumptions to fill in some of the gaps.  Any additions, changes or comments you can provide would be welcome.

I find it interesting that, although Lancelot and Elizabeth had 10 children, they had surprisingly few grandchildren.  Four of their children died unmarried.  Of the six who married, two had no children.  Of the remaining four, one – Ann Bell – may have had children but I know nothing about her after she married.  That left three who definitely had children: Lancelot Smith of Corballis (who had eight), Mary Bouskill (who had one), and William Smith (who had one).

I will be adding posts about Thomas Smith of Blackhall, Lizzie Bouskill (Mary’s daughter) and William Smith and his family.  I think I know enough about them to justify a separate post on each of them.

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