Upcoming Topics – October 2017

In April 2012, I posted a list of topics I hoped to cover in the following weeks and months.  It has taken me years to cover SOME of the topics on that list! Looking for reliable information, being distracted by searches on other lines in my family tree, day-to-day living and other pursuits has resulted in my spending very little time on this blog in the past few years. I do get comments occasionally from distant relatives and others interested in peripheral families and I am happy to get those comments. Meantime, I continue to be interested in the Smiths and their ancestors.

This is an updated list of the upcoming topics to keep you aware of where I am going with this blog.  My intention is to publish as much as possible of the information I have and then to continue searching for more and better information.

Most of the early posts were about the Smiths in Ireland and Cumberland; I am gradually coming to the end of that aspect of the family tree although I still want to get more information on the Upton and Kent families in Ireland.  Some of the upcoming topics will be about the Smiths and their relatives who stayed in Cumberland.

If you have looked at the blog’s layout, you will have realized that I am using the top menu as a means to provide a lot of information that should not change much (unless I have got it all wrong).  So I have created a number of static pages in the sections called “Family Stories” and “Family Trees”.  I consider these pages as providing basic information about the Smith family, focusing on the male line as far back as we can go at present.  There is no doubt much more I can learn about the Smiths from doing additional archival research.  But this is what I know or believe now.  I will update the pages and add new pages as I need to and will post a message to let you know what was changed.

Posts are usually shorter than pages and they cover topics that will probably change over time and will include different perspectives in response to your comments.  All the posts are found at http://williamsmithfamilyhistory.com

Comments are always welcome because they will help me to improve the information on the blog.  They will also help me to focus on the topics that are of interest to you.  I have my own ideas of what is interesting but that doesn’t mean you will agree.  Maybe there is a topic you are longing to know about and I haven’t mentioned it yet.  Please let me know what it is!

Meantime, to give you an idea of what else will be added to the blog , here is my current list of the topics to be covered in new posts (not necessarily in this order):

  • Miss Going of Monaquill
  • The Misses Smith of Penrith
  • Photographs from Penrith
  • The Hardys of Park Head
  • The Mortons of Gamblesby and Melmerby

I will update this list periodically in response to your suggestions and in light of new information I come across.


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