The evolving family tree for the Uptons

(Updated November 17, 2017)

Every now and again, in my searches, I come across another fragment of information about the Uptons who were the children of William Bayly Upton and his wife Margaret McClure. The family lived in Cashel, County Tipperary.

The hand-written chart that I inherited turns out to be not very accurate regarding the birth order of the children. The birth years I estimated for them, therefore, require periodic amendments.

The hand-written chart shows five sons in order of birth and then three daughters. This implied birth order is not right. Church records from the Parish of St. John Baptist, Cashel, have helped to identify their probable birth years but I do not have the actual birth dates. Prudence Charters was baptized in Cashel on November 3, 1796, so I believe she was the eldest child. She was followed by four brothers, then Rebecca, Bayly and, finally, Margaret. (There had also been a couple of other children who had died young.)

I have found information on two of the sons in the records of Dublin University (usually known as Trinity College). Christopher Upton entered Dublin University at the age of 14 on November 2, 1813. He graduated with a B.A. in spring 1819. Later, his younger brother David entered the university aged 19 on November 2, 1822. He does not appear to have graduated. This information would suggest that Christopher was born in 1898 and his brother David in 1802. Neither Samuel nor William attended Dublin University although I believe that William attended lectures and took examinations at the Apothecaries’ Hall of Ireland in Merrion Square, Dublin in order to qualify as an apothecary.

So baptismal records on most of the children with some the additional information would give the following order to the children:

Prudence (1796)
Christopher (1798)
Samuel (1800)
William (1801)
David (1802)
Rebecca (1805)
Bayly (1806)
Margaret (1811)

Sadly, the sons in this family had very short lives. According to the W.H. Upton book on the Upton family, both Christopher and Samuel died as solders between 1820 and 1822 in Peru. William died aged 35 in 1836. David died in 1846 aged about 43. And Bayly died in 1852; he would have been about 45 years old. The daughters survived longer although none of them was older than 70. Their parents actually had longer lives; William Bayly Upton was 86 and his wife Margaret was 74.

Below is the current version of the family tree chart I am maintaining.

Upton Family tree as of Nov 17, 2017


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