So, was it Bayley or Bayly?

From the beginning of my family history explorations into the Upton family (who are linked to me through my great-grandmother Eliza Upton), I have been struggling with the name of Eliza’s grandfather. His name appears in various documents, directories, newspapers and so on in various forms: Wm. Upton, W.B. Upton, William Upton, William B. Upton, William Bailey Upton, William Bayley Upton, Wm. Bayly Upton and William Bayly Upton.  When I began this blog in 2012, I was under the impression his name was William Bayley Upton and I continued to use that form until recently. I was particularly influenced in this line of thought by a hand-written family tree chart of the Uptons that showed his name in that way. The chart also showed his fourth son as David Bayley Upton so it seemed clear enough.

However, I now need to change how I have identified these two men and others because I have recently found on-line a transcription of the will of “William Bayly Upton”, signed in 1861. The will refers to property (land and buildings) that he owned in Cashel and bequeathed to two of his children (more of the details in a later post).

So, from now on, I will refer to my 3X great-grandfather as William Bayly Upton. Other posts that mention him are being amended to reflect this correction.

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